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My name is Don, and my wife Susan and I have been involved in building BB2010_D&Soffline and online businesses for over 25 years. We have had low points, including bankruptcy in our early days, and we are now enjoying great success. We own our own home, boat, cars, and have a steady stream of income that has provided a lifestyle that, at one time, we could only imagine. I’m not bragging here, our early genius landed us in bankruptcy. My point is that we have learned a few key lessons over the years and would like to share some of these with you in hopes that you can avoid some of the early pitfalls that we experienced.

One thing is certain-we always had a DREAM and we were determined!

If you have come this far in your search, you have undoubtedly come in contact with scams and schemes that make many promises but disappear when you put your time, money, and hard work on the line.

What we are talking about is not a “get rich quick” deal. It requires work, but it is a legitimate way to earn income while working online. One of the key things we lacked, early on, was guidance and help from someone who was already successful.  We will make every effort to be sure you are never alone.

You can register with a FREE Starter membership. PLEASE take this test drive for yourself to see if this fits your idea of the perfect online business!

Your friend in success,


Email: don@incomefromcomputer.com

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6 thoughts on “About Don

  1. Julie

    Hi Don,

    Great job on being together for 25 years! Not an easy feat. You have a very well put together site with valuable information. Anyone who visits should really consider to follow you.


  2. jimmie

    Hi Don
    just paying you back a visit yes i see we have similar tastes and values my wife and i are in year 36
    we too had hard knocks.. anyway nice job here and at home. hope to talk with you in WA
    good luck and go get um



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