The Brain Factor

If you plan on starting your own business it’s a good idea to mentally prepare yourself for success. A business will succeed or fail based on the mental preparedness of the owner.

Personal Development is vitally important and you must make time each day to work on yourself. A very famous business philosopher and teacher Jim Rohn says, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your business!” Here are 5 tips to help you get started but I recommend you dive into this area. I have another site to assist you called: Create With Thought

5 Positive Mental Attitude Exercises

1.  Keep a positive mental attitude. Always look for the good in any situation. Your brain is wired to search for the image you give it. If you look for the good, you will find good. If you look for the bad, you will find bad. Your brain will literally filter to get the answers you are looking for at any point in time. Let’s play a game:)  Picture blue cars in your mind while you are out driving around. You will see many and they will “stand out from the crowd”. This is your brain filtering system at work! Here’s the important point here, your brain is ALWAYS filtering for you. Most of the time we do not do this consciously. So you will usually end up with someone else’s perception.

2. Create a Grateful List! Best time to do this is just before sleep. The reason is that you will continue your last 20 minutes of thought in your subconscious as you drift off to sleep. Just keep a spiral notebook by your bedside and each night, think back to 10 positive things that happened to you today. These should be simple one liners not paragraphs. After each, write the words: “Thank You!” and as you do FEEL it from your heart. Plant these positive seeds in your brain as you go to sleep. PS NO WATCHING NEWS, especially before bed. If they showed all the good stuff happening in the world- the show would never end but that doesn’t sell advertising.

3. When you are interacting with others, think APPRECIATION! Turn the conversation to be about them as often as possible. Think what you admire about this person. A great acronym to remember is FROM. From/Family, Recreation, Occupation, then your Message. (F) Ask them where they are from, or about their family (children/spouse) etc.., (R) What do they like to do for fun? (O) What do/did they do for a living? (M) Your message to them as it fits with their story. If you do this one thing, you will have a new friend for life!

4. Learn to respond and not react to the situations that come up in your life. Learn to pause and breath before responding. Often times when a situation comes up that creates anxiety in us, our first reaction is to snap back. When we do, we are usually not in our best light! If you are at a loss for words at that moment it is always better to respond, “Oh, that’s interesting” or “Let me get back to you about this.” Give yourself time to construct your response, maybe even write it down and read it back to yourself, particularly if it is a major issue or one that could leave someone , including you, with ill feelings. Remember that people will always remember how you made them FEEL not what you say.

5. Learn to “Live in the Now”. Fears are ALWAYS about past or future events. We all have them. Some are innate such as survival but most are learned from past experience and we project them into the future and fret about unforeseen outcomes. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. They will cripple you and if you let them, in the worst case, literally incapacitate you. Ask yourself; “How old am I now? How in the world did I survive this long?”:) If you can stay in the NOW, and just take some deep breaths, most will dissipate as they will lose their power over you. All of their power, you give to your fears. You are in the drivers seat.

Now go Have Your Best Day Ever!

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